Taylor Swift’s Delicate Music Video Features NUMEROUS Easter Eggs Discover Them All HERE!

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift likes to hide easter eggs in her music videos.

Thus, it’s no surprise that the blonde chart topper left many hidden messages for fans to uncover in her new Delicate visual. As we reported, the latest video shows Swift becoming invisible, breaking free from her security, and dancing across Los Angeles like no one is watching.

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Since the song is about falling in love with boyfriend Joe Alwyn, we’re happy to report that the British actor got a very special shout out in the video. No, really!

For all the uncovered easter eggs, be sure to proceed (below)!!

During her dance number in the rain, a storefront in the background has a sign that reads “Joe’s Deli”! Awwww.

The graffiti throughout the vid was also very telling. While dancing in a subway station, the words “Track 5” appear behind Taylor. This is obviously a nod to the Reputation album, which has Delicate as its fifth song. The album name and other lyrics from the single pop up over the course of the short.

Swift may be in love, but she’s still embracing her snake status. Early on in the video, the A-lister is seen sporting a serpent design on her finger.

Many fans even found tributes to some of Taylor’s past hits, like Fearless and Look What You Made Me Do. In her 2008 ballad, Swift sings about being so in love with someone that she’s willing to “dance in a storm in [her] best dress, Fearless.” The 28-year-old does exactly this in the Delicate vid.

Not to mention, the Fearless-era Taylor is fifth in line in her series of Taylors in the LWYMMD video. As we mentioned (above), Delicate is the fifth song on Swift’s Reputation album. Coincidence?? We think not.

Solid sleuthing, Swifties!! Were there any additional easter eggs we missed??

Be sure to let us know in the comments (below)!!

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