Taylor Swift Finally Revealed When She’s Dropping Her Single & Fans Are Pumped

Taylor Swift just announced the name and release date of her new album: , coming out Nov. 10. Taylor Swift’s new single will be released Thursday night, Aug. 24, but Swift did not reveal the name of the new song. The only other information about the new single is from an anonymous source that recently told that the single would be coming out this week and its accompanying music video would be released shortly after. Swift has yet to confirm this.

The announcement came a couple of hours after Swift posted what appears to be the final snake video on Instagram and Twitter. Guys, is Taylor Swift going through a goth phase??? Is this why she dyed her hair platinum blonde, started wearing dark lipstick, and posted videos of snakes?? Is Taylor Swift trying to tell us she’s goth now?! Honestly, I’d be into it.

What really seems to be happening here is Taylor Swift has had it with people trying to give her a bad reputation — hence the album name  — even though she’s definitely done some shady things that would contribute to said reputation. (That whole Kim Kardashian/Kanye West “Famous” drama was shady as hell and we all know it.)

Swift could also just be fed up of having her relationships consistently scrutinized by the media, which is fair. Homegirl is in the news a lot for the people she’s dating. If that is what is all about, is it possible that we could soon find out whether or not Swift’s relationship with Tom Hiddleston was fake, like some people theorized? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Although Swift didn’t confirm the name of her single dropping on Aug. 24, the rumor mill is saying the new song will be called “Timeless,” as a song of the same name has been registered under Swift’s name and there’s a Timeless.com with a homepage featuring what seems to be Swift’s handwriting. My guess is the music video will be available there once it drops.

Whatever the truth is, fans are losing their minds over the fact that we’re in a new “era” of Taylor Swift music.

Taylor Swift’s new single is almost here, so happy listening.

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