Tara Reid SLAMS ‘Anorexic’ Rumors: ‘Watch, Here’s Me Eating A Burger’!

Enough is enough!

Last week, Tara Reid became the subject of “anorexic” and “eating disorder” rumors after she was photographed outside of Catch LA looking “shockingly skinny.”

In an interview with DailyMailTV, the American Pie actress wants all the BS to stop, and DENIES there is anything wrong with her “95-lb” frame.

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The 41-year-old flat out says:

“I am not anorexic. I have never been anorexic and I don’t have an eating disorder… I am just thin. People are overweight and we don’t attack them every time they go out.”

To make matters worse, the Sharknado thespian says she is the target of incessant harassment wherever she goes.

“They stare at me, they watch everything I do — especially in a restaurant. If I eat, what I eat. I can hear them gossip about me. I see it… Sometimes, I want to be like, ‘Shut up! I do eat. Watch, here’s me eating a burger — want to take a picture of it?’ And I don’t — I say nothing but it eats me up inside.”‘

In regards to those restaurant photos, Reid is upset with how the paparazzi and the media have portrayed her to be “a trashy girl, a whore basically.”

“I am really upset about that picture [at the restaurant] because I’m doing nothing wrong… I’m in a sports car, getting out of the car. My legs aren’t open, you can see my knees are trying to be shut… I was going on a date — it was supposed to be a fun, good night. And I did have fun but what they wrote on those headlines was not just bullying, it was disgusting… They made it look like I’m showing my crotch. Well first of all, why are you taking pictures of it? And you can see I’m wearing underwear and then they blur that out? So now it makes me look like a trashy girl, a whore basically. And here, I’m trying to do a nice thing and go on a date with my boyfriend and I can’t even do that. I was embarrassed.”

Out of everything, Tara is concerned with how the negative publicity is affecting her “dying,” 70-year-old mother Donna.

“It’s hard… My mom is really sick and dying right now. My father just passed away. She doesn’t need to hear these things… They forget that I’m somebody’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s girlfriend, someone’s friend. And when people say all these things about me, it doesn’t just affect me.”


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