T.I. Sends Out Clear Message As He & Tiny Reunite In New Photo

Saturday night, a gang of celebrities popped out in Atlanta where Gervonta Davis faced off against Cuban fighter Yuriorkis Gamboa in the southern city. Among those in attendance were T.I and Tiny, who appeared at the fight and made their post-fight rounds together, extending on the couple’s public efforts to put their best foot forward following less-than-positive headlines surrounding their union.

This extension was best captured in a Sunday photo uploaded to the rapper’s Instagram page as he and Tiny stood together in seeming bliss.

“The light, The darkness, The Alpha & Omega, The Good & The Bad, The UPs & The Downs, The Wins, The Losses(&Lessons) all in 1pic,” captioned T.I. under on photo as he stood next to his wife. “Translation: Savages only understand Savagery. Take that however you wanna.”

Back in October, T.I. visited the Tamron Hall Show where he addressed divorce rumors, assuring those at home that he and his wife managed to weather the storm, delivering on what he believed to be the key to a successful marriage.

“You look at somebody who has been married for 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, there have been times where they hated each other’s guts and they felt like they wanted to turn around and walk away, and the only thing that kept them together is staying together […] We were never apart. I love my wife and I love my family. That goes without saying.”

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