Swagger Rite Links With Roy Wood$ For New Single "Drugs & Love"

Canada has given us some amazing talent over the years, and no we don’t even have to mention Drake for that statement to be a fact. One of the new standouts is Swagger Rite, a burgeoning musician that hails from Weston Road and is gearing up for a new EP next year by dropping a fresh single titled “Drugs & Love” with Roy Wood$. 

You probably can figure out the song’s subject matter based off the title, and the vibe throughout maintains a slow-moving haziness that both drugs and love tend to bring about. Producer Dimitri Andic, also known as DIMI, matched the lyrics with an instrumental that embodies being absolutely caught up in the high of any given moment, which Swagger Rite and Roy Wood$ effortlessly illustrate in vocal form. The Sony Music Entertainment Canada signee has been building a strong fanbase for himself in recent times, and we’re sure that rise will continue to pick up momentum with the release of his upcoming EP The Detour in 2021. If the project sounds anything like the other all-stars we’ve seen so far to come out of Canada, there’s a good chance that we’re seeing the beginnings of the next superstar to have American appeal. Let’s just hope his future is as good as the production on this record.

Listen to “Drugs & Love” by Swagger Rite and Roy Wood$ below, and expect The Detour EP to arrive in 2021. Sound off with your thoughts down below in the comments:

Quotable Lyrics:

All of your love’s one kiss a way
Most of these drugs we love to feel
Can’t let these moments slip away
Let this heart take all the things that I like
With you, you, you, you
With you, you, you, you
Can’t let this moment slip away
Let this heart take all the things that I like

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