Swae Lee's Girlfriend Retracts $20,000 "Hit" On Rapper's Head

It’s been an interesting series of events in the case of Swae Lee and his ex-girlfriend, Marliesia Ortiz.

Most recently, footage surfaced of Ortiz attempting to bust the windows on Swae Lee’s vehicle. More jarring was the message that Ortiz attached to her disparaging clips as she captioned, “Someone kill him I got $20k cash for you.”

Soon after she uploaded the clip, she soon came to her senses in realizing that this is the internet after all and deleted the message while issuing a clarification that she had no real intention behind the caption, charging it to her anger at the moment.

“I was mad and meant nothing I said,” she posted on Instagram. “We good now u guys can chill.”

While Swae Lee continues to cryptically maintain the stance that he and Ortiz are no longer an item, she, however, continues to assert that they are still very much a couple.

Seemingly responding to the drama that has surfaced in the past few days, Swae Lee once more tootoInstagram in a post-and-delete instance to accuse Ortiz of chasing clout, adding that he prefers to keep his relationships offline.

“I’m waaaaay to cute for drama I been SINGLE for a minute 2020 I’ll clear things up,” he captioned two photos of himself. “I’m just the type of nigga that does all my romance behind the scenes not on camera ……….been this way for a minute 💔Instagram has a weird way of fooling people 😔some of the things that were publicized didn’t speak for or represent me well , but don’t worry I’ll clear things up soon …PS X CLOUT IS ONE HELL OF A DRUG !!!”

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