Surveillance Video Shows Bow Wow Enraged Before Fight With Girlfriend: Watch

By now most of you already heard about Bow Wow’s fight with his girlfriend last weekend. The ATL rapper was arrested last Saturday morning for assault, allegedly hitting his girlfriend, Kiyomi Leslie, several times before taking her phone and locking her inside of the bedroom of their apartment, that is according to reports. Bow Wow was eventually arrested and later seen with some serious scratches on his face and bite marks on his body in his mugshot, which he says came from Leslie.

Well some new footage has surfaced early Saturday morning, and it doesn’t look good for Shad Moss. TMZ obtained footage of Bow Wow & Leslie in the elevator of their apartment complex before the fight went down, and its clear Bow Wow was enraged. He could be seen snatching something from her, cornering her and getting up in her face as if he wanting to get physical. 

The two would go up to their rooms, which eventually led to their physical altercation and both being arrested for battery. There happens to be two other guys in the elevator too, but they don’t do anything but just stand there.

Check out the elevator footage (below) and sound off in the comments.


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