Surprise! Alicia Silverstone Drops In On Clueless Screening And Reveals Her AWFUL Childhood Style!

This is so fun!

Alicia Silverstone surprised everyone at Cinespialast night, when she dropped in to chat with the crowd for a very special surprise at the Memorial Day Weekend screening of Clueless!

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The star surprised everyone at the sold-out screening sponsored by Amazon Studios, and she didn’t just come to watch the film, either!

Silverstone dished dirt about her own VERY bad style leading up to her role in the iconic movie, saying (below):

“At the time, I had done eight movies back-to-back, and I was a little girl, I was 17, super tired and exhausted, you know a little girl working a lot, and I had one pair of jeans and a green t-shirt that I wore to everything and that was my uniform. So, I had no style, is what I’m getting at. So, when I showed up to these fittings with Mona May, who is here tonight, the amazing costume designer, I didn’t get it at all and I was like What is she going on about and why do I have to keep trying all these clothes on?’ and I just didn’t understand until I saw the movie and I realized, Oh my god, the clothes ARE the movie’ and how important that was. And, now, of course, as I’m doing the show, American Woman, I’m wearing 70s costumes every day and I get how wonderful and important costumes are now, but at the time, being that I had no style, I didn’t get it! So, I wasn’t really a lot like Cher, I didn’t understand the materialism and all that, but I understood the heart and I really loved the film and I’m so happy you all do too.”


Better yet, she was joined at the screening by co-star Breckin Meyer too (below)!!

So fun!!

Looks like a good time was had by all!!

[Image via Kelly Lee Barrett for Cinespia.]

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