Super Bowl coming to Atlanta? Get Outkast!!

(CNN)Almost as soon as it was announced that the Super Bowl would be coming to Atlanta in 2019, folks have been clamoring for an Outkast halftime show.

After all, the duo are about as Atlanta as you can get and fans have been missing their Southern-fried hip hop ever since they appeared to split in 2007. A few reunion performances here and there have not been enough.
So who better to entertain the masses during Super Bowl LIII? Or as one person tweeted: “Outkast better be involved in the halftime festivities at the #SuperBowl in Atlanta or else.”


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Atlanta is rich in musical talent, so might we suggest the ultimate hometown halftime show lineup? Because we are going to whether you grant us permission or not:

Jermaine Dupri and anyone he wants to bring

We have to start with the man who gave the world the lyric, “Welcome to Atlanta, where the players play.”


That’s all we need to say. The rapper is practically the ambassador of Atlanta.


Another performer synonymous with Atlanta. We wouldn’t be mad if he and Ludacris wanted to team up for the halftime show. Whatever you like, T.I.

Indigo Girls

You weren’t expecting that, were you?
No this list will not be all hip hop, thank you very much. The folk-rock duo are from nearby Decatur (where it’s greater), so they should get to represent.

Goodie Mob

Next to Outkast, they are the Southern hip hop artists people most want to see get back together.

Janelle Mone

A protegee of Prince, Mone would certainly bring a dynamic and innovative performance.
She’s definitely the electric lady the halftime show would need.

Zac Brown Band

Because you cannot have a Super Bowl in the south and not have country music represented. Right?


Sure, R.E.M. formed in Athens, Georgia, not Atlanta. But hey, it’s still the same state. And the band, which split up in 2011, might be tempted to get back together for a shiny, happy gig.
That’s you in the corner, R.E.M., that’s you in the spotlight. What more perfect time to reunite than for the Super Bowl? We’re giving you a three-year head start.

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