Summer Walker Wards Off Coronavirus With Garbage Bag Dress

It must be a very scary time to be a travelling musician. People around the world are terrified about the encroaching threat of Coronavirus, but recording artists may have to spend more time in airports – hotspots for the transferring of bacteria – than most. The news has been overtaken by tips on how to protect yourself when travelling and firm recommendations that you just stay away from travelling altogether. If someone on your flight is found to have Coronavirus or is suspected to have it, you face the risk of being quarantined for weeks. Summer Walker will not stand for that, “not today honey.”

The R&B songstress posted a photo on Instagram that shows her standing in an unidentified airport. She fashioned a DIY protective suit out of garbage bags that also goes kinda hard. Aside from her garbage bag dress wrapped around a hoody, Summer’s got on latex gloves, a surgical mask and sunglasses. She completed the look with a little Louis Vuitton bucket bag and hightop Nikes. While the airport attire started out as an affordable option for all those boarding a plane in the near future, the “Playing Games” singer stepped her game up with the designer flex. Anyway, take tips from Summer Walker and be careful out there. 

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