Stream 10k.Caash's New Project, "Planet Swajjur"

10k.Caash released a new project this week titled Planet Swajjur.

The Dallas rapper is best known for his hit single “Aloha,” which helped the “Woah” dance go viral. 10k’s debut tape, The Creator, dropped in 2019. With Planet Swajjur, 10k continues to bring his big energy and hard-hitting beats to keep the dance vibes going. The whole 10 tracks come in at only 16 minutes. 

The album sees 10k teaming up with a number of other artists, including Chance the Rapper for the song “Me And My Friends.” The Chance feature is worth checking out because it gives The Big Day a run for its money regarding corniness: “I just came to dance with my friends, get some drinks/They just wanna lap dance, I just wanna tap dance/I just wanna tap, tap, tap, Michael Jackson,” Chance raps at one point.

Other guests include Zoey Dollaz, Tisakorean, Ty Fontaine, and more.

Stream 10kCaash’s Planet Swajjur below.

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