Stranger Things Intro Gets Smiley, Hug-Filled 80s Sitcom Makeover

There are enough 80s references in Netflix’s “Stranger Things” to rival an Ernest Cline novel. The summer hit weaves in nods to “The Goonies,” “Poltergeist,” “E.T.,” and more though out the series.

But the one thing about the 80s that the show is completely void of is a nod to the cheesy, family sitcom.

That is until now — and if you like to geek out over the show, you’ll like this a waffle lot.

YouTuber Tim Bennett has nixed the series’ eerie intro and reimagined it as a happy-go-lucky 80s sitcom that you need to see and hear in order to fully appreciate.

For instance, Bennett takes the red, Stephen King novel-inspired title font, fills it in and makes it a sunnier, happier yellow:

He even makes title cards for each actor, using the show’s few feel-good moments to emphasize sitcom intro tropes.

There’s the sweet kid baring a toothy smile:

Tim Bennett

We’ve got your dopey donut-eating cop:

Here’s the wacky mom:

And then there’s that kid who just happens to have the perfect face for any show on ABC’s Friday night lineup in the 1980s:

Bennett also swaps the show’s cool but spooky synthesizer theme song for Randy Newman’s song “Strange Things” from the “Toy Story” soundtrack, which just adds to its snuggly vibe.

The parody has just one flaw – the exclusion of Shannon Purser.

Purser portrays the character Barb, a high school student (and style icon!!!) many fans find so relatable, she has spawned her own hashtag on Twitter called #WeAreBarb


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Expect #WeAreWaitingForBarbsTitleCard to trend soon.

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