Stevie Wonder Shows Solidarity With NFL Stars, Takes A Knee In Concert To Protest Donald Trump!

So inspiring!!! Let’s make it a trend!!!

Stevie Wonder performed yesterday at the 2017 Global Citizen Festival in New York’s Central Park, and in doing so he decided to take a stand — and a knee — to protest

The legendary performer took to his knees in explicit response to Trump’s Friday night “sons of bitches” comment about NFL players who have been kneeling for the National Anthem… and in doing so, Wonder made a powerful statement of his own!!

Watch the moment happen on video (below):

Do you see this, Donald Trump?? Do you see what you’ve started with your bigotry and ignorance?! You’ve woken up a population of real Americans to prove just how much they love America — by peacefully and non-violently pointing out its flaws!!!

Good for Stevie Wonder and all the NFL players…. And Trump, you can fuck off and read the Constitution for once!

Of course, The Donald has continued to rant and rave about it like a baby.

Just in the last few hours, here’s what Trump has tweeted and retweeted these four things (below):


And retweeting the call for a boycott of a private business? As the leader of the free world? Seriously??

What a whiny, ignorant little baby.

[Image via MSNBC/YouTube.]

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