Stevie J Wants Joseline Hernandez Jailed For Restricting Visit To Daughter: Report

The custody drama between Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez is seemingly never-ending. Stevie first petitioned for custody of his almost-three-year-old daughter Bonnie, citing his home conditions being a better environment for his offspring. Joseline clapped back telling him she’s a fine parent despite her lower-income and asked for him to pay more child support. 

 Moses Robinson/Getty Images 

The duo headed to court last week to settle the matter and according to Bossip, Stevie was granted with access to see his daughter on a court order. The “A Minute” music maker reportedly flew to Miami to see Bonnie with some family members to rekindle their relationship but Joseline blocked him for seeing her, still. According to the publication, Stevie was supposed to take her to school, hang out with her in class and then have her back home by 7 PM but it didn’t happen. 

Stevie is now requesting an emergency court date and wants his ex to reimburse him for his flight to Miami as well as his lawyer fees. Joseline still hasn’t responded to Stevie’s allegations, but by the looks of how things have been going, she may come back with a completely different story prolonging the case. 

Poor Bonnie. 

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