Steve Lacy Takes It Back To Basics On "Jean Jack It"

It’s been a crazy year for Steve Lacy, who recently scored his first Grammy Nomination as a solo artist for his Apollo XXI album. Aside from collaborating with Vampire Weekend on a few Father Of The Bride cuts, touring on a global scale as a headliner, and generally putting forth solid vibes into the universe, Lacy has found the time to drop off a loosie. A few days ago, the guitarist took to SoundCloud to release “Jean Jack It,” a brief track clocking in at a little under one-minute-thirty. 

The song itself feels closer to a demo than a fleshed-out body of work, with vocal quality sounding charmingly bad and no discernible structure. In other words, the essence of SoundCloud rap. It’s not entirely clear as to what prompted him to release “Jean Jack It,” or whether he was being fully serious while recording it. Clearly, he was feeling nostalgic toward his come-up days, as evidenced by his IG teaser: “Jean jacket dropping today. just like old times. soundcloud shit.” 

Check it out for yourself below, and sound off in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics

Diamonds on my neck, son told me to calm down
Tennis necklace, lemon on my reckless
Suckin’ on your friend, you next on my checklist

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