Steve Irwin's Niece Kindly Asks Haters To Stop Bullying Her On Instagram

Steve Irwin’s niece, Rebecca Lobie, became a viral sensation seemingly overnight when Instagram users found her bikini posts and gave her all kinds of attention. However, social media fame isn’t all that it’s piped up to be and the 32-year-old mother of two recently shared a little PSA to her followers that are bullying her, as she states. 

In a since-deleted post to her Instagram story (that was captured by The Daily Mail) Rebecca asked some of her 21,000 followers to stop posting “mean” comments. “To all the people that think it’s OK to post mean comments about me, or worse, my family – it’s NOT,” she wrote. “Stop being bullies. If you don’t like me or my Insta, don’t go on it. To everyone else, thank you for your support. Love you.”

Rebecca’s mother is Frank Muscillo, who is married to Steve’s sister, Joy. 

November 15th marks Steve Irwin Day, the annual international event celebrating the life and legacy of the fallen zookeeper and wildlife expert.

“Steve Irwin Day is one of the most special days of the year for our family. Dad was the ultimate Wildlife Warrior and so ahead of his time — discussing climate change, habitat destruction and so many other environmental issues before they were as widely discussed as they are now,” Steve’s son, Robert told PEOPLE

“He changed the world and so many lives across the globe. For my family and me, we miss him every day, but are proud to keep his mission alive. It’s wonderful to see so many people showing their support for his legacy.”

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