Steve Bannon Writes His Disgusting Anti-Immigration Goals On A Whiteboard And It Just Accidentally Got Revealed In This Selfie!

Just like being in a white supremacist classroom! (Insert Trump University joke here!)

Steve Bannon apparently writes all of his abhorrent anti-immigration goals on a whiteboard, which was inadvertently revealed during a visit with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who posted the revealing pic (above) on Twitter.

Among the goals are Donald Trump‘s favorite stooge’s plans to suspend the Syrian refugee program (even though Drumpf proudly bombed the country to supposedly save children from chemical attacks), hire 5K more border patrol agents, and build the border wall, of course.

Get a closer look (below)!

What a disgusting, worthless sack of excrement.

And note how some of the plans have check marks next to them, implying completion. Meanwhile the Syrian refugee ban is currently being contested in court.

Here’s another look, also courtesy of Rabbi Shmuley! He sure loves selfies!

Despite the reveal, we can’t say we’re surprised by any of this, though. It’s business as usual over there in the White House. We can only hope these awful plans get blocked by the court system.

Fuck you, Bannon!

[Image via Twitter.]

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