Stephen Colbert Says Moby Is Just As Credible As Kellyanne Conway

Moby claimed this week to be privy to secret intel that the Russian government is blackmailing President Donald Trump and that the Republicans already have a plan to push Trump out of power.

According to the musicians post on social media, he learned of these details after spending the weekend talking to friends who work in DC. Moby also specifically claimed that the russian dossier on trump is real. 100% real, referring to a document that intelligence chiefs had given to Trump as incoming president and then-President Barack Obama, as CNN reported in January. BuzzFeed quickly published the full, unverified dossier after that initial report.

On Friday nights The Late Show, Stephen Colbert spent part of his monologue making fun of Mobys claims, starting the segment by describing him as an electronic artist and baby in graduate school.


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After highlighting a few of Mobys accusations, Colbert mockingly said, And you know you can trust Moby, hes got connections in the highest echelons of Washingtons vegan cafes.


blockquote class=”content-list-component” pull-quote”> Things are so weird right now, that Moby and Tom Arnold seem more reliable than Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer. Stephen Colbert

Part of Mobys post that referred to the internal document about Trump states, hes being blackmailed by the russian government, not just for being peed on by russian hookers, but for much more nefarious things. Joking about Moby bringing up the urine-related allegation (that remains unsubstantiated), Colbert said, You know youve been in the music industry for too long when being peed on by hookers starts to sound tame.

To wrap up his initial social media post, Moby wrote that he was coming out and revealing all of this because if these things happen there will be a public record beforehand. Colbert made a joke about this as well.

If youre wondering when Mobys Instagram became the public record, it was shortly after Trumps Twitter-feed became the Library of Congress, the comedian said to a heightened amount of studio laughter.

But the focus of Colberts monologue wasnt just to be hard on Moby. The comedian also brought up Tom Arnolds December claims that he has seen out-takes from The Apprentice where Trump uses the N-word. Colbert wondered whether its really that crazy that random celebs are coming forward with such biting accusations.

Random celebs claiming to have dirt on the president seems crazy until you remember that the president is a random celeb, said Colbert, who continued with his best line of the piece, Things are so weird right now, that Moby and Tom Arnold seem more reliable than Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer.

Moby continued to make anti-Trump posts throughout the week, including the photo below with the caption, Yes Mistress Putin.

"Yes Mistress Putin" @realdonaldtrump

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