South Park spoofs the US election result: ‘What have you done? You maniacs!’

In a quickly tweaked episode, Trey Parker and Matt Stone lampooned Donald Trumps victory with a frenzied summation of a strange year in politics

If you thought your day was ruined by the unexpected use of the phrase President-elect Donald Trump, just imagine being a South Park writer: they had to rewrite their election night episode at the last minute because it initially featured a Clinton win.

Though South Park had election-themed episodes in 2000 and 2004, the 2008 election episode was completed after the results were in. In 2012, they captured the results correctly but completed the episode in advance which, apparently, had been the plan for this years episode, necessitating the new scenes.

The episode, originally titled The Very First Gentleman and then retitled Oh Jeez, is the seventh in South Parks election-themed 20th season. It has featured the boys school teacher, Mr Garrison, newly spray-tanned and running for president with Caitlyn Jenner, trying to throw the election for Hillary Clinton by saying incredibly offensive things about everybody. Garrison and Jenner have been stymied in their efforts in part by Member Berries, talking fruit that whisper nostalgic things at those who eat them (Member when there werent so many Mexicans? they asked in the first episode; their meaning and history is explained in episode five, and they escaped an effort by Randy Marsh to destroy them in episode six) and completely mellow the consumers out to external stimuli.

There are four intersecting plot lines in the episode: the election results, the war between the towns boys and girls, Cartmans conversion to a caring boyfriend and the escalating problem with trolls.

This episode opens outside South Parks election night viewing party, where we see residents stumbling drunkenly outside and puking on the sidewalk. Inside, people watch the results with horror as a news anchor calls the election for Mr Garrison. Randy Marsh, Stans dad, runs to the center of the room and screams: What have you done? You maniacs!

Behind him, a man pulls out a handgun and kills himself.

The anchor cuts to Mr Garrisons acceptance speech, in which he says: The people have spoken. Just like JJ Abrams did with Star Wars, I will make America great again. (A running gag is that the new Star Wars reboot wasnt very good, a topic with which Randy is obsessed and Garrison had agreed, and the Member Berries often spout Star Wars trivia in between racist sentiments, as seen in episode six.)

This isnt how this was supposed to happen, Randy says, back in South Park.

All my efforts the past week have paid off, says Mr Garrison, as ominous music swells. And now lets begin fucking them all to death! (One of his campaigns central pledges, often applauded by his audiences, has been to fuck all his enemies, including immigrants, to death.)

Later in the episode, Randy pounds on Mr Garrisons door. Garrison, what the fuck have you done?! he shouts. Caitlyn Jenner answers, but Randy barges right past her. Garrison, in orange face, sits stiffly on his sofa. Garrison, do you have any idea what youve done to our country?

Yeah, Mr Garrison replies in a daze. Fucked them all.



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Randy says he thought they had an understanding that Mr Garrison wasnt supposed to win, and that the Star Wars reboot sucked and we should leave great movies alone, but Garrison says he changed his mind. Caitlyn Jenner sidles up and tells Randy that some people like the comfort of nostalgia and he ought to accept that; she then vomits Member Berry remains all over his face, and Randy, in a daze, agrees to watch the reboot again.

In the last third of the episode, Randy, under the influence of Caitlyn Jenners pre-masticated Member Berries, is having dinner with his family. I dont know about you guys, but I sure am excited. Americas going to be great again, he says. Shelly Marsh is, to say the least, not excited. It sucks, dad. This countrys going to suck for four years! she yells. Randy says hes happy, and his wife, Sharon, doesnt understand whats going on: she says hes been trying to convince her that the country was voting for Garrison because of misplaced nostalgia embodied by the new Star Wars. When she refuses to watch it, Randy vomits masticated Member Berries on both of them.

The other plotlines are more complicated: while Randy and Mr Garrison have been (mostly) obsessed with the election this season, rest of the town in up in arms about online harassment. Kyle Broflovskis father, Gerald, is a prolific anonymous online troll who targets the towns girls and celebrities for his own amusement. Earlier this season, he harassed a Danish former Olympian and breast cancer activist Freja Ollegard to the point that she killed herself, and Denmark vowed revenge and invented Troll Trace, a program that will reveal everyones internet history and connect it to their real identities.

Troll Trace was unleashed on the Colorado town of Fort Collins as a test run in the last episode; this one revealed that murders and suicides are up in the town, the divorce rate is 100% and the US military has built a huge, beautiful wall around it to prevent anyone else from being exposed to the full truth of the internet and to keep Fort Collins residents from revealing to anyone else what theyve learned.

Gerald, then, gets a visit from federal agents, who take him to a remote location where Hillary Clinton appears, reveals that she knows hes a troll and gives him an assignment: he has to infiltrate Troll Trace in Denmark and plant an EMP, in order to salvage the election by destroying their servers. (Its unclear how destroying Troll Trace will make her the winner and not Mr Garrison; one suspects they have a few more plot points to rewrite.)

Gerald suits up and heads to Denmark, but when he arrives and is shown the Troll Trace server rooms, he doesnt find servers at all: he finds his one-time troll ally turned enemy, Dildo Schwaggins, also wearing a suit and carrying the same briefcase. Schwaggins reveals that Clinton recruited all the trolls involved in the Freja Ollegard incident and sent them to Troll Trace as part of some deal the US government made with the Danish. They are all shown, in the same suits with the same briefcases, hanging out just behind Dildo.

Then, at the moment they were all told the EMP would be unleashed, their briefcases open and a screen appears: Rick Astley, singing Never Gonna Give You Up. Theyre all been rick-rolled. Geralds fate remains up in the air.

Cartman, of course, was the main suspect in the trolling of the towns girls. But though hes innocent, Cartmans friends destroy his electronics to keep him off the internet, and with nothing else with which to amuse himself, he gets together with a girl, Heidi, and, totally in love, becomes a changed boy who acts as a feminist ally. Cartman spends this episode trying to figure out how to keep Heidi from discovering mean things hes said about women on the internet, and eventually alights on a plan: theyre going to Mars to avoid the violent fallout when Troll Trace goes global. The episode ends as the two lovers arrive at SpaceX headquarters, as Cartmans plan to find a place without Wi-Fi may be to commandeer a rocket.

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November 10, 2016

The attacks on Cartmans technology had other consequences: the girls of the town all dumped their boyfriends for not understanding them, causing Butters to start a protest movement called <a href=”” data-link-name=”in” body link” class=”u-underline”>Wieners Out in which the boys walk around with their genitals out to protest against the girls desire to have them be nice. The bro-tastic PC Principal calls a post-election assembly in the gym and declares its time to end the divisions in the school, and introduces Bill Clinton. He invites the boys to join Bill Clintons Gentlemens Club and then brings out Bill Cosby. They do a little softshoe, and Clinton invites Cosby to join his gentlemens club, too.

Clintons first recruit is, apparently, Stan, who wants to get his girlfriend, Wendy Testaburger, back. Bill and Bill coach him through an apology and then explain hell have to convince her that hell be less selfish. Theyre interrupted by Butters and a group of boys outside, calling Stan a traitor for trying to make up with Wendy. Butters smears his genitals on the window.

Butters, who has been grounded for pressing pickle at the nail salon again, later gets a visit from Clinton, who finds him smushing snake on his bedroom window. Clinton ascertains that Butters is persisting in his pickle-pressing because hes sad that he got dumped, and gives a speech.

I know. I know how hard they can be, he tells Butters of women. But somethings about to happen that you arent aware of. You see, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And, trust me, my wife is a crazy bitch. She and all the other women in the world are about to get payback, and we are all completely fucked.

Its my fault, really. Ive done things my whole life that gradually broke her spirit. And now thats shes lost everything, let me assure you, she is pissed. Now, our only chance is to keep our heads low and act like were changed men. Because were very close to the end.

He continues: Women are sick of our shit, son. And soon, theyre going to know everything weve said and done online. Unless we start kissing their asses, were all going to be put in a big chamber underground and milked for our semen.

The fate of the worlds men remains up in the air, at least until next week.

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