Sorry Ladies, Sam Hunt Is Married

Over the weekend, shady country hottie/ex-college football player Sam Hunt got married to his longtime girlfriend Hannah Lee Fowler, who youll probably recognize as the girl from literally all of his songs. According to Wikipedia theyve been together on and off since 2008, so theres got to be enough material there for at least three more albums. Sam is pretty hot, but honestly Hannah is pretty basic looking, and she dyes her hair way too dark for her complexion. Fix that, your husband is fucking famous honey. Her dress also had these weird shoulder straps that kind of look like toilet paper, so were not sure where the taste level was for this wedding.

They got married in the middle of nowhere some place in Georgia, which soundscharming? The venue is called In the Woods, and it basically looks like a glorified cabin, which is totally where our dream wedding will be. There were about 150 guests, but apparently there werent any fun country music celebrities invited so on the whole were pretty disappointed. Like, you couldnt even get Carrie Underwood to throw on a sparkly minidress and sing at the reception? Do better, Sam.

Hannah basically seems like a rando, so heres what we know about her from his songs:

Shes got a body like a back road (whatever that means)
She has a lot of shoes but shes basically always barefoot (ew)
She cant drive out to the place they used to get peaches out in Pelham (just get your peaches at Whole Foods jfc)
She takes super long baths (groundbreaking)
He calls her Hannah Lee because its the South


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Most of that info is from his song Drinkin Too Much, which is a weird half-rap thats totally about them breaking up, but it only came out a few months ago so were very confused. Were not sure how people do things in Georgia, but hopefully he at least had to buy her something really nice to win her back.

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