Sophie Turner’s new ‘direwolf’ is already killing on Instagram




A new puppy has joined Sophie Turner’s “direwolf” pack.

She debuted the puppy she and her boyfriend Joe Jonas adopted over the weekend on Instagram. Like her Game of Thrones co-star, she already has a separate Instagram account set up for the new puppy, a husky named Porky Basquiat.

Since first appearing online, Porky has already amassed more than 44,000 Instagram followers who are watching the dog’s every move. Porky is already something of a world traveler, but is pretty comfy just resting on a lap (while he still fits).

Wat up fuckers

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What is dnce anyway?

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Face goalz amirite

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Turner famously adopted the dog who portrayed Sansa Stark’s direwolf Lady after Lady’s death on Game of Thrones, so she has experience taking care of the energetic breed. That’s a key point for Thrones fans: Little direwolves look cool, but don’t buy or adopt a husky unless you’re committed to its lifelong care (including extensive exercise and grooming). Earlier this year, some shelters expressed concern about fans abandoning huskies after realizing their “direwolf” has a ton of fur and energy. Peter Dinklage even asked fans to cut it out and only adopt the dogs if you can give them the care, training, and attention they deserve.

Fortunately, watching little Porky grow up on Instagram seems like a great alternative.

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