Sophie From ‘The Holiday’ Is All Grown Up

Ten years ago, rom-com fans everywhere fell in love with “The Holiday.” Starring Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Jack Black, the movie told the story of two women from different countries who traded homes for the holidays to escape their drama-filled lives for a little while. 

But in all honesty, the true stars of the movie were child actresses Miffy Englefield and Emma Pritchard, who played Law’s adorable on-screen daughters, Sophie and Olivia. (Mr. Napkin Head, anyone?!)

“I was thinking about those two kids the other day — I’m sure they’re not kids now — and seeing them. I bet they’re all grown up, aren’t they?” Law said in a recent interview with People.

Well yes, Jude. They are all grown up. 

Although Pritchard gave up acting after “The Holiday,” Englefield, now 17, appeared in two TV series “The Whistleblowers” and “Casualty” before stepping away from the spotlight.

This was her then (on the left): 

And this is her now:

Why do I take so many selfies sideways? I have no idea.

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According to the Daily Mail, Englefield studied performing arts in college. On Instagram, she describes herself as a “musical being” who’s “loud and mostly ridiculous.”

She also shaved her head for Children with Cancer UK last year, so she’s definitely a special kind of teenager. 

We’re still waiting for “The Holiday 2” to come out …

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