SNOZ – “Scary Hour” (Single Review)

Nigerian artist Snoz drops a new single called “Scary Hour” & my experience has been just that. It was very hard to understand Snoz due to quality and output. I believe the auto-tune took the song overboard, The sonic sound was very hard to listen to during audio playback. It would seem this is the starting stages for the young artist and so much more to come. Not everything an artist makes is a hit but thats part of the drive that keeps us flowing. Over time I would love to see how “Snoz” has developed his craft in the coming times.

The African music scene has skyrocketed the past 5 years and now we are seeing a lot of new artists and sounds rise from the continent. This is an exciting time for music as the sound is internally taking focus in the we have been lackluster with musical coverage in the united states. If you would like to hear new music and updates from Nigerian artist “Snoz” follow him on his social media accounts or his website.

Rating 5/10

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