Snoop Dogg Takes Over Dunkin' To Introduce New Beyond Sausage Sandwich

What would you do if you pull up to your local Dunkin’ for your morning coffee and you come across Snoop Dogg telling you all about the brand new Beyond Sausage Sandwich? You’re buying that sandwich, right? Customers at a Los Angeles chain of the restaurant were lucky enough to actually be served by the Beyond Meat advocate, running into the West Coast legend on their morning commute and learning all about the brand new product offering, which is the first of its kind.

Image via Jillian Watts

Until now, we’ve heard all about how Beyond Meat has been partnering with some of our favorite joints to bring healthy, plant-based options to the menu. The company has been embraced with open arms, giving us all choices that are more sustainable and environmentally-conscious. In order to get people hyped, the Doggfather took over Dunkin’ to let everybody know about the Beyond Sausage Sandwich. The new menu addition is available nationwide starting today, making Dunkin’ the first quick-service restaurant to have a Beyond Meat breakfast option. 

After plugging that “plant-based great taste,” Snoop bragged that he should be granted Employee of the Month honors and, if we’re being honest, he might actually deserve it. After all, this has definitely got us curious to try out the new Beyond Sausage Sandwich. Watch the video below and let us know what you think of the breakfast meal.

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