Snoop Dogg Refuses To Back Off Of 6ix9ine

Snoop Dogg interviewed ScHoolboy Q on a new episode of GGN this week and during their chat, the rappers spoke about acting and if the TDE star would ever transition to a role on the big screen. He said that he would have no hesitation to play a cop or a snitch in a movie before the conversation shifted for Snoop Dogg to tear Tekashi 6ix9ine a new one.

Perhaps the most vocal critic of the Brooklyn rapper-turned-informant, Snoop Dogg laid the pressure on the rainbow-haired rat once more, bringing him up once the conversation included the topic of snitching.

“We already got one in hip-hop,” said the Doggfather when ScHoolboy Q joked about snitching in movies. “6ix9ine doing that already. He doing the hell out of it. He doing the shit out of that telling shit.”

Snoop Dogg 6ix9ine
Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

This is just the latest instance of Snoop Dogg talking trash about Tekashi 6ix9ine, following a series of memes, jokes, and insults thrown on social media.

As pointed out by Complex, both Q and Snoop are admitted gang members and they followed up by discussing the implications of gang activity and 6ix9ine’s involvement. 

“It’s some new wave bullshit going on in the world,” said Snoop. “I know back in the day—even where you come from—n***as had to get put on. Wasn’t no just wake up and you from the ‘hood. You had to get put on, you had to go through some things, you had to really earn your keep. To me, that remedy is out of here. There’s no more of that. It’s washed away.”

Watch the video below at the 18:40 mark for more.

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