Smokepurpp Offers Context On The Aggressive "Sauce Like This"

Though he’s been going through something of late, it would appear that Smokepurpp is back on his BS. The rapper has returned with a new single called “Sauce Like This,” which arrives as part of his Deadstar 2 rollout. The accompanying visuals serve to highlight Purpp’s charisma, enhancing the song’s explosive and repetitive nature.

In truth, brevity is Purpp’s gift and his curse; in some ways, short songs speak to the attention span of his fanbase, who have come to appreciate the rapper’s insight in microdoses. On the other hand, when Purpp is firing all cylinders, it’s difficult for him to elevate his ideas beyond the skeletal stages. Unfortunately, “Sauce Like This” is over before it can truly develop, and while backstory into Purpp’s formative years help ground the young rapper in reality, the exposition is over before it can truly resonate. Still, we appreciate the glimpse, and hope Deadstar 2 will find the rapper expanding on the narrative. 

As of now, the sequel remains in the “coming soon” stages, which could spell a December release as easily as it could spell 2019 and beyond. Are ya’ll looking for Purpp’s new project? If so, what are you hoping to see from the young rapper?

Quotable Lyrics

When I used to go to school, bitch I never had a pencil
So I said fuck school, gave myself early dismissal
Let that n****a run up on me, I’ma blow him like a whistle
And your baby come right up, bitch I’m known to keep a missile
I said eighteen years old, gave myself early dismissal