SlimYungMan shares two beats “5%”/”Misc. Bag” for us to rock with

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Producer SlimYungMan comes through with two solid cuts from his stash as the new year rolls in.

The first record on deck is titled “5%” and serves as the opening track to SlimYungMan’s  Compleks instrumental tape series. The song is a moody and somewhat atmospheric piece that rises at certain parts as it progresses. From the lush dreamy textures, vocal samples, and somber keys, the producer sure delivers something off the hook.

Get “5%”  on Soundcloud.


“Misc. Bag” is the second instrumental and goes a whole different route. The beat starts off some slow and builds up into a somber piece with snappy boom-bap drums laced with moody basslines. It’s quite cinematic and gripping to some extent.

Get “Misc. Bag” on Soundcloud.

Both instrumental’s are from The EP Compleks III three of the producer’s hip hop/ambient beat series.  He adds that the forthcoming EP is dedicated to his recently deceased friend Melvin.

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