Sisqo & Dru Hill Tease Comeback On The Breakfast Club

Those who remember the mid-to-late nineties likely have some recollection of Sisqo’s “Thong Song” sliding onto the scene and changing the game; never has one man sung so passionately, as if standing atop a mountain in the middle of a lightning storm, about seeing that thong. Yet before Sisqo’s breakout single was Dru Hill, who dropped off their eponymous debut album in 1996. Since then, the group has undergone ups and downs, losing original members and gaining new ones along the way. Now, with its current iteration of Sisqo, Smoke, and Black — formerly of Playa– Dru Hill is ready to mount a 2020 comeback. 

Sisqo Dru Hill

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

After explaining that the original members left of their own volition, Sisqo breaks down the situation further. “The reason guys left is because the ultimatums given to stay in the group was more focused on things personal to them,” he explains, jumping from point to point at a rapid pace. “Whereas anytime I’ve done anything outside the group it never affected the group in a negative way. I didn’t want to sing ‘In My Bed.’ It was talking about somebody sleeping in my bed…Nobody was sleeping in my bed that I knew of, so I couldn’t relate to it…But squad first, we ended up singing the record.” 

Should you be invested in the legendary group, consider watching the full video below — there’s a lot to unpack, especially when it comes to the unraveling of the original lineup. Yet the future isn’t without promise, as evidenced by the interview’s closing moments. From the sound of it — the harmonies remain on point and the chemistry has yet to falter. Check it out for yourself, and look for some new music from Dru Hill coming soon. 

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