Shawn E weaves through the “Plotlines”

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Pennsylanvia-based emcee, Shawn E makes his entry on our site with this hard-hitting gem titled “Plotlines.” The self-produced record flips a classic sample and the result is a dark trippy backdrop that fits Shawn E’s vivid lyricism and storytelling skills

The record dwells on the various scams that people perpetrate via social media. From selling streams, followers to playlist placements and more, Shawn E explores the pitfalls of being an artist in this social media era and how being naive can be detrimental.


Pennsylvania’s Shawn E is a renaissance man in every sense of the word. If you decide to scratch the surface, Shawn is an emcee, a producer, an instrumentalist, and an engineer. However, if you dig deeper, Shawn E can grab the mic and tear his opponent in the ring or beat to pieces. He can emcee and rap over Golden Era boom bap sounds but can also flip the script and make a trap-infused heater for the club. Further, he can hit the breaks and reflect inwards, showing the nicks and scars he’s obtained in his tenure. All of this comes together to an impassioned artist who loves every facet of music and the art.


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