Sexyy Red’s Explicit Twitter Replies Have Her Questioning Fans: “Why Me?”

In theory, social media is a fun place to connect digitally with your closest friends. In practice, however, apps like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok have become flooded with bot accounts that make user experience worse than ever before. From sugar daddy offers to fake giveaways, it feels impossible to escape the millions of AI-generated profiles clogging up the internet. Even celebrities are feeling the impact – specifically Sexyy Red. In her latest interview, the rapidly rising star spoke out about the constant flow of explicit photos that land in her replies.

To kick off the month, content creator MoreZias sat down with Red for a mukbang of Nigerian food. Amid their meal, the duo discussed plenty of hot topics, including the absurdity unfolding underneath the 25-year-old’s tweets. “Your Twitter comments be [wild],” Zias pointed out to his guest. “How did that even start?” The recording artist seemed mostly clueless about the origins of the post, but she certainly isn’t a fan. “I don’t know, man. They sick,” the redhead declared.

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Sexyy Red Tells All During Mukbang with MoreZias

“Why me? That’s all I be wondering. Why me?” she continued. “I be trying to [look through the comments]. You know what I be seeing. You be seeing it too?” Red asked Zias. The entertainer then laughed while recalling seeing posts talking about “You can’t scroll down Sexyy Red’s Twitter in public” before sharing a funny story of her own. “I remember one time, I straight up was scrolling, and I didn’t know something was on my screen. I’m sitting there, my phone all out, I’m talking. They like, ‘Why you got a d**k on your screen?”

Desperate, thirsty Twitter users may have no problem showing off their X-rated photos under Sexyy Red’s posts, but the St. Louis native has made it very clear that she’s loyal, even to a fault sometimes. Though she’s been getting plenty of attention from virtually every male rapper in the industry, Red is more than happy in her current relationship. See the unconventional photo of her beau that the Hood Hottest Princess shared with the world at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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