Seth Rogen Is Aware Of The Homophobic Jokes In ‘Superbad’

These days, you might squirm while watching 2007’s “Superbad,” and you’re not alone. 

In a new interview with The Guardian, Seth Rogen admits that some of the jokes in the nearly 10-year-old film were actually pretty offensive. 

“It’s funny looking at some movies we’ve made in the last 10 years under the lens of new eras and new social consciousnesses,” Rogen said, laughing. “Some jokes just don’t age as well as others. And some things that are appropriate at the time, or seem appropriate, you look back on and you’re like ‘Eh, maybe we shouldn’t have done that.'” 

When pressed as to what movies might’ve had the most offensive jokes, Rogen admitted that “Superbad” had some quips that were “bordering on blatantly homophobic at times.” 

The comedian tried to couch his answer by saying the script was written using humor that high school students engaged in, admitting, “it would be silly not to acknowledge that we were also, to some degree, glamorizing that type of language in a lot of ways.”

Although Rogen can’t take back his jokes, at least he’s admitting he was wrong.

In his new movie, “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” with Chloë Grace Moretz, Rogen attempts to recognize another wrong by shining a light on the sexist double standards that are prevalent in today’s Greek life. We’ll see how these jokes hold up in another 10 years. 

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