SeanDay keeps pushing for “Another Day”

By teckzilla Word Is Bond

Sheffield, UK, based emcee SeanDay shares the video for his reflective song titled “Another Day”. Backed by a smooth, solemn backdrop courtesy of Ben Woodward he details the day to day activities while reflecting on life as it is. He takes us through the ups and downs as he profusely searches for the answers that seem to elude him but he is far from giving up. The visuals were directed & edited by Sean’s other rapping partner Oxymoron. It focuses on Seannday as wandering down to Earth guy stuck traveling from point A to B in his aged tin can of a BMW which serves as a symbol of a lot of people’s cycle which often repeats itself.

SeanDay is mainly Known for his work as ⅓ of UK hip-hop group MOAN.

Get the audio on Bandcamp below.

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