Sean Hannity’s Twitter Account Briefly Disappeared Overnight And Trump Fans FLIPPED OUT!

Controversial Fox News pundit

It all started when Hannity sent this random, bizarre tweet right before his account was temporarily wiped out (below):

And then, his account disappeared.

For a few hours!!

And then, the Donald Trump-loving, Sean Hannity-loving conservative Twitter hordes went CRAZY calling out the wackiest of wacky conspiracy theories and imagining that Twitter was again out to get them.

Just a few of the lowlights (below):

OK but seriously, how many of these people are phony Russian bots???

Just sayin’!!

At least some people had the right take (below):


Love it!!

The fact that this is now political news in the realm of this President and his boot-licking buddy Hannity is just sad.

But here we are…

[Image via Rob Rich/WENN.]

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