Sauce Walka & Travis Scott Put On For H-Town On "Texas Cyclone"

Sauce Walka was once very critical of Travis Scott. Shortly after the release of Astroworld, the originator of drip made some comments towards Scott for essentially doing the “Woah” dance on Saturday Night Live without inviting the dance’s creators to the show to do it themselves. It only took a few days but the two hashed it out and squashed their short-lived beef for the greater good of Houston.

Sauce Walka and Travis Scott have now teamed up for a brand new collaboration titled, “Texas Cyclone.” The song closes out Sauce Walka’s brand new project, Sauce Ghetto Gospel 2. The two rappers connect over a beat that matches the energy of a Travis Scott show and the eccentricity of Walka’s personality. Scott holds down hook duties on this one while he and Sauce Walka swap bars.

Quotable Lyrics
Handlebars, Percs, menage a trois
I don’t want no pause but them pills just touch the heart
She defeat the odds when her feelings get massaged
Ceiling full of stars, pop a pill and play your part

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