Saturday Night Live director Matt Villines: five great sketches

The prolific director, who made some of the shows best pretaped sketches, has died aged 39. Here are a handful of great moments, from terrifying coach Melissa McCarthy to The Wire: the Musical

You might not know the names of Matt Villines and Oz Rodriguez, but theyre behind some of the best pretaped bits on Saturday Night Live since they joined the show in 2012. Working under the name Matt and Oz, they completed almost 70 in their four-year stint, including everything from Justin Biebers Valentine to the Jay Z Story and Tina and Amys Dope Squad.

Villines has died of cancer aged just 39. He and Rodriguez completed their first feature, Brothers in Law, which is yet to be released, but we can remember Villines legacy with some of his best clips.

Naked and Afraid: Celebrity Edition

Peter Dinklage and Leslie Jones are the first famous people to take off all their clothes and head into the bush for three weeks in this parody of Discoverys survivalist hit. Naturally its Joness outrageous behavior that made this video a viral success earlier this year.

(Do it On My) Twin Bed

In SNLs long history of parody music videos, this one from 2014 is still a standout. The women of the show all return home for Christmas with their boyfriends and try to get frisky in their childhood bedrooms, among the least sexy locations on earth.

Outside the Lines

Melissa McCarthy is one of the modern masters of hosting the show, and shes at her best here playing a third-tier womens basketball coach who terrorizes her players.

Golden Globes


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Weve all seen those parents at awards shows who tell their kids to go to bed in their acceptance speeches. But what actually happens to those kids? This is a hilarious and somewhat sad story of what the night is like from their perspective.

The Wire: the Musical

This was before the duos time at SNL, when they were working at <a href=”” data-link-name=”in” body link” class=”u-underline”>Funny or Die. This viral hit takes a ludicrous concept trying to turn five dense seasons of a television show into a Broadway hit to its insane and hilarious conclusion. The best part is that it features a number of actors from the original show. Though its been gone for years, fans still cant get enough of The Wire, even if Matt and Oz are poking a little fun at it.

<img class=”gu-image” itemprop=”contentUrl” alt=”Los” angeles clippers basketball player blake griffin, right, shares a laugh with co-directors matt villines, left, and oz rodriguez.” src=”″/>


figcaption class=”caption” caption–img caption caption–img” itemprop=”description”> Los Angeles Clippers basketball player Blake Griffin, right, shares a laugh with co-directors Matt Villines, left, and Oz Rodriguez. Photograph: Chris Pizzello/AP

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