Sarob searches for a way out on “Look Like”

By teckzilla Word Is Bond

Singer/rapper Sarob dives into the things that really make him tick on his new single titled “Look Like.” Draped by an epic production courtesy of KMB, with minor production by Sarob and additional violin contributions by Erica Donahoe, the singer shares his inner fears about finding the right answers and being in a place of truth.  The Ohio-born and bred singer delivers a melodic flow that reaches a climax on the chorus where he poses the ultimate question of who’s going to answer when the time comes.

He further adds that he made the song as an avenue to seek his own validation as opposed to getting it from external sources as stated below.

There was a time when I was fighting to be in an industry that didn’t want me. I was fighting for space in a room where space is limited, and that was suffocating. I think a lot of people can relate to that: we fight to belong in spaces that don’t want us — and for what? Because it legitimizes us? Because on the surface it looks good? “The look” is, in reality, rarely what how appears, and its benefits are often short-lived. They’re ephemeral. They’re impermanent, and we deserve a more lasting and enriching kind of fulfillment.


After Sarob’s debut EP ” Seeing In The Dark ” (2017) .  he is pivoting, transitioning, and evolving from one artistic expression to the next. Introducing Phase II of a two-part Transitions series – out now.


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