Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘fatal flaw’ is also a great strength

(CNN)Sarah Jessica Parker strutted into mega-success with “Sex in the City,” built a brand from her love of Blahniks, and is diving into emotionally deep waters with “Divorce.” But she’s more than an actress, more than a brand; she’s a “creator.”

Where it started:
Parker’s family didn’t have a television when she was growing up in Ohio. So they were avid theater-goers and had a tradition of going to the movies on New Year’s Eve where they’d sometimes end up watching films that weren’t always age-appropriate. But, she said, “I really think it was my parents’ fervent wish that we’d be exposed to the arts that cultivated that interest in our own lives.”
Wedded bliss:


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“They key to our marriage is that we don’t talk about it,” said Parker, who’s married to actor Matthew Broderick. “I don’t pretend to have a doctorate on the topic of marriage or be successful. …I think what you discover when you’re in a healthy marriage is that the things that annoy you don’t matter. What you see in [‘Divorce’ characters] Robert and Frances is that the things that annoy them do matter. They’re not able to find humor in it or let it go or think how ridiculous it is that it’s even taking up a moment of their time being annoyed.”

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