Sade Fans Jump To Her Defense After She's Compared To Jhené Aiko

Sade Adu is one of the most beautiful singers ever and she would likely only have good things to say about Jhené Aiko but, after one person compared the legend to Jhené on Twitter, her fans took offense and jumped to remind everyone of how great she really is.

Trending on Twitter right now is Sade as her fans defend her honor against one person who claimed that she and Jhené Aiko are one and the same.

“Sade is thin & light skinned & was humming on them tracks. At least Jhené gives us DRAMA,” wrote one controversial poster on social media, taking credit for the current Sade trend. 

Needless to say, people were not impressed with this take. Nobody is taking anything away from Jhené, who has had an incredible career to date and also has an angelic voice, but people are not putting up with the Sade slander.

I know you didn’t just compare this Sade Adu to Jhene Aiko,” white one popular response with a video of the iconic singer doing her thing on stage. “I know y’all not comin for Sade Adu. I know I heard that wrong,” chimed in Halle Berry. “Sade‘ slander? On this land?” asked Matthew A. Cherry.

The 61-year-old singer has not reacted to the trend.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Do you think it’s fair to compare Sade and Jhené?

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