Sada Baby & G Herbo Connect On New Banger "Baklava"

Over the past few years, Sada Baby has proven to be one of the most promising artists to emerge from Detroit in recent times. As a new wave of artists come out the D, Sada Baby has been one of the artists who’ve shown signs of a star. As 2020 kicks off, it’s clearly going to be the year when Sada Baby captures the hearts and minds of America.

The rapper just released his latest project, Brolik on Friday which includes a few pretty big names on the tracklist. Sada Baby connects with G Herbo on the banger, “Baklava.” Hypnotic flutes emerge as Sada Baby’s charisma pops out immediately, rapping about f*cking foreign women in Tipi’s and snatching your girl at one of his shows. Herbo swings in towards the end, delivering a fire verse but at the end of the day, it’s still Sada Baby’s show.

Quotable Lyrics
Bitch I got an attitude
Used to be broke with no hoes
Still showin’ gratitude
Now I rock a show
And make your hoe come home be mad at you
Like, how she end up with a goof?!

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