Sacramento Rapper Hotboy Ju Reportedly Shot & Killed In Broad Daylight

As the United States begins to ease up on COVID-19 regulations as more and more people get vaccinated, the country has experienced a concerning increase in gun violence. Within the past week, there have been two devastating mass shootings in the country. Last week, Atlanta’s Asian community was the victim of a senseless hate-driven shooting, while ten civilians lost their lives in a Boulder, CO supermarket yesterday (March 22) after a gunman opened fire. We previously reported on the passing of San Diego rapper OG YD, but another California rapper has unfortunately succumbed to bullet wounds inflicted on him in a car to car shootout that happened in broad daylight.

According to KCR3 and numerous other local sources, officers are investigating the fatal shooting of local rapper Hotboy Ju after he was reportedly killed in a car-to-car shooting Sunday afternoon (March 21). The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed the victim passed after being shot inside a car multiple times in the North Highlands area of the city.  

During a subsequent press conference, Sgt. Rod Grassman revealed that Hotboy Ju had been a passenger in the vehicle and added, “There was another vehicle that drove in close proximity to it and fired off several rounds.”

Highway Patrol officers arrived on the accident scene by 3 pm local time and discovered Hotboy Ju with several gunshot wounds already. Resuscitation efforts were attempted on the scene before he was taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead. 

The young rapper is most known for his 2020 track “Rocking.” We’ll keep you updated on further developments in the case. 


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