Ryan LaCour wants it like it “Used Too”

Emerging singer/songwriter Ryan LaCour was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and while his upbringing was surrounded by gang violence, his mom was able to steer his path by moving him to Dallas, Texas for a better future. He started his art as a spoken poet in high school and the love for music saw him joining a show band called Melodic Bridge as a lead singer after some live shows and tours around Louisiana and Southern Texas, he broke out and is now on a solo mission. ‘His new effort titled “Used Too” is a downtempo love ballad that showcases his distinct melodic runs and vivid lyricism that makes him stand out. He pours his art on wax and gives candid adulation to his woman while reiterating that he is ready to go all out to get her back and protect her if it came down to it.


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