Rubi Rose, Future, & PARTYNEXTDOOR Indulge In A "Whole Lotta Liquor"

Rubi Rose’s debut mixtape is officially upon us, and it’s already getting praise from the likes of Cardi B and many others. The sultry-voiced rapper has been on the outskirts of rap for years, initially jumping onto the scene as a video vixen before infiltrating the studio and coming out with a few hit songs. She’s made headlines for the last few years, and she’s finally got a full-length effort for the world to enjoy, checking her out and forming opinions on her potential, skills, and more.

The 23-year-old’s 8-track effort is here on Christmas Day, with the highlight being placed on her collaboration with Future and PARTYNEXTDOOR, titled “Whole Lotta Liquor”.

That’s right, Whole Lotta Red isn’t the only Whole Lotta that people are talking about today. “Whole Lotta Liquor” is a casual effort, serving as a pretty chill record for a late night. As Cardi B tweeted, she was cleaning the house to this mixtape, and we can definitely see how this sort of vibe would suit that scene well, turning you up at times and keeping you chill at others.

What do you think?

Quotable Lyrics:

Whole lotta liquor, whole lotta Promethazine
High, in love, blame it on ecstasy
Trappin’ out apartments, yeah
Feel like a martian, yeah, yeah
Whole lotta drugs, it’s a shame that’s a guarantee
Whole lotta molly, wanna point a finger at me
Whole lotta liquor, ooh, she do it like a demon
I’ma keep on my bezels too, they wet like we creamin’

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