Rubi Rose Exposes DDG: "He Wants To Chase Prostitutes"

We’ve seen lots of high-profile toxic relationships this year already. This past weekend, Saweetie called out Quavo for allegedly cheating on her with multiple women. Yaya Mayweather has also been running around for months, claiming Youngboy Never Broke Again despite the rapper seemingly wanting nothing to do with her anymore. But Rubi Rose and DDG might have taken the cake as the most toxic couple of 2021.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

After admitting that they had a “whole situation” going on in January, DDG declared himself “single” on Valentine’s Day, eliciting a “Yikes” reaction from Rubi Rose. The status of their relationship has been unclear since then but, following the release of DDG’s collaborative project with OG Parker, Rubi felt like exposing the rapper for allegedly posting some videos and photos on her account to make it seem as though they were still together.

This week, Rubi Rose posted a picture of her holding hands with DDG, along with a video of them cuddling, in which she admitted that she “misses” DDG. According to Rubi’s tweets though, DDG was actually the person that posted the cringe-worthy content, accusing him of taking her phone and locking himself in a room to upload the pictures.

“This n***a mad I don’t wanna be with him and took my phone and posted that weird sh*t. Literally locked himself in a room and took my phone,” tweeted Rubi Rose in a series of since-deleted posts. “I loved him fr, but it’s just too much now. He deserves to be happy and so do I. He wants to chase prostitutes, I’m not the one for him. Literally blocks every rapper in the industry who dms me… like damn I just wanna make music smh. Idgaf how another n***a feel about me.”

Slide through Rubi’s posts above.

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