Royce Da 5'9" & Joe Budden Reflect On Slaughterhouse: "It's A Lot Of Emotions"

Slaughterhouse fans are still hoping that one day the group will reunite for just one more project, but for now, it doesn’t look like they’ll be coming back together anytime soon. On the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, we were able to see two members—Joe and his guest Royce Da 5’9″—under one roof as they chatted about all things music, including what it was like after the group abruptly disbanded. 

Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

“We all went throughout a couple different phases,” Royce said of the aftermath. “It’s a hard thing to just let go. We put our souls into it, man. It’s tough. Everybody handled that different. It’s like handling [a] breakup. We stayed around each other...we were around each other for at least five years straight. Damn near every day. It’s tough to just be like, ‘F*ck it then, it’s over! I don’t care.’ It’s a lot of emotions.”

“I had an attachment to the music, but I got an attachment to the people,” Royce admitted. “We not one of those groups where it was an issue with the people. See, that’s the thing. No issue with the people. We could find things to disagree about and argue about but the love is there.”

When asked if his relationship with Eminem was helpful or more of a hindrance, Royce said he didn’t believe it was either. He admitted that his relationship with the Shady Records mogul is different now that it was back then. “I think it’s taken time for us to get back like how we were,” Royce said. “We didn’t jump right in when I came back with Slaughterhouse… We carried ourselves like we never missed a step but there’s always something, that little bit in between us. It just takes time to get passed that.”

Royce added that Eminem is a “distant guy” in general, even when they were close friends. “I was his hype man and we would get home and I would be calling him and I can’t get him,” Royce said. “He likes to [go off the grid].” Watch the clip of Royce’s interview and check out what else he had to say about admiring Eminem’s lyricism and working with his fellow Detroit emcee below.

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