Romeo Miller Addresses Angela Simmons Beef: "Me, God, & That Woman Knows What's Up"

There was a time when it was believed that these two would become hip hop’s next power couple, but the relationship between Romeo Miller and Angela Simmons is currently far from friendly. The latest season of Growing Up Hip Hop is underway, and fans are watching as these two former friends and colleagues hash out why they’re not on speaking terms.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

According to what’s been aired in the first episode, Romeo has a few qualms with how Angela has decided to live her life. Not only does she not respond to his weekly Bible study notes that he sends to his close circle of friends but her interactions with former flames (Bow Wow, possibly) and her scantily clad Instagram photos have also given him pause. He’s decided to ice her out, delete her from social media, not respond to her messages, and not return her calls—a move that Angela has stated she doesn’t quite understand, especially after he promised to be there her for her and young son following the murder of her ex-fiancée Sutton Tennyson.

Angela recently visited The Breakfast Club, along with her brother JoJo Simmons and her sister Vanessa Simmons, and discussed her ongoing beef with Romeo. It seems as if he has a few things to get off of his chest, as well, because the Miller mogul was a guest on The Real and shared his thoughts regarding his former romantic interest.

“I’ve been in situations where going back and forth in the media is something, out of respect towards women, I’m not really interested in doing it. That’s fake news,” he said. “You gotta realize it’s reality. So, me, God, and that woman knows what’s up. So, at the end of the day, I would tell y’all this: You gotta do the math. Reality TV show is a lot of editing, a lot of chopping up, and I think it’s very unfortunate that you have people who watch shows—even like Game of Thrones people want people to come together, right, because they think they belong together—but that was just a situation where for me, out of respect, I’m not gonna gossip about it. We got real-life problems going on. But you gotta do the math. People grow apart all the time. Just because you come to work doesn’t mean that you have to hang out with each other.”

“It’s life,” he continued. “I have best friends who I thought would be here with me now that are not close anymore. Even family. So, it’s nothing personal, but I’m not gonna use my platform to talk about someone. But me and that person know what it is.” Jeannie Mai suggested that there’s something deeper that only he and Angela are aware of. “No, it’s not deeper, we just grew apart right now. I’m not gonna deal with that on my platforms or TV ’til after we’re done,” he stated.

There is hope for these two as Romeo said he would “of course” talk to her again, but he added, “You can’t call somebody the day before and expect to hash it out or talk on TV. That’s all it is. I have love for that family and it’s always been nothing but respect.” Watch his clip on The Real below.

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