Rico Nasty Says "No" To A Coi Leray Collaboration

Fans of Hip-Hop can all relate to wanting to see two of their favorite artists link up and release new music together. Whether you’re still waiting out for the fabled Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole joint project or are becoming increasingly excited for whatever Lil Baby and Lil Durk have on the way, there’s simply nothing better than an amazing collaboration between two rappers that you admire. That appeared to be the thought process, at least, for one fan who suggested that Rico Nasty work with Coi Leray, but the artist behind the recently released Nightmare Vacation quickly shut that down.

According to The Neighborhood Talk, a fan reportedly took to social media to comment under one of Rico Nasty’s posts, writing, “we need a coi leray collab.” Once Rico caught wind of the comment, she matter-of-factly replied to the comment with a simple, yet firm “No.” Fans of both artists are likely disappointed with the eccentric Maryland rapper’s disinterest in working with Coi Leray, but their past beef will probably hinder any fruitful work relationship from developing in the near future.

Late last spring, Rico Nasty and the “No More Parties” rapper got into a heated exchange on Twitter, with ruthless shots and harsh critiques of each other’s music flying back and forth over a slew of tweets.  

Coi Leray got a major jab in at Rico, when she tweeted, “@Rico_nastyy when you see me Just make sure you keep that same energy… I showed you love but you just can’t deal with that fact that I MAKE BETTER MUSIC THAN YOU , I LOOK BETTER THAN YOU, I DRESS BETTER THAN YOU , and never in my life have I JOCKED your style.”

However, Rico Nasty hit back even harder, saying, “Make better music .. lemme see ya streams and YouTube views . Have u went gold or platinum THEEFUCK U ARE FAMOUS BC YOU SUCK A MEAN DICK WITH THEM BIG ASS TEETH . Don’t come over here making this shit about me . I was minding my business . Tryna get shit RITE with MY FRIEND.”

Needless to say, their beef was never truly settled, so fans probably shouldn’t expect the two rappers to collaborate anytime soon.

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