Ricky Bombay – “Screwed & Tattooed” (Mixtape)

Oceanside, CA based Hip Hop artist Ricky Bombay drops his new hard-hitting mixtape titled “Screwed & Tattooed“.

Screwed & Tattooed is a unique mixtape due to the fact the project is all EDM beats with rap lyrics recorded over them. The premises was developed by a gentleman named Presley Cash in 2013 that suggested ricky create a new lane of hiphop to separate himself from the local talent. At first Bombay didnt like the idea. However, under further review it took 3 years to find the beats to suit the mixtape. To hiphop fans these beats might have never been heard of, but to EDM fans these beats may be several years old. None the less Ricky dropped this mixtape with the full intention to attract a label A&R to risk investing in a S&C2.

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