Rick Ross Would Hop On A Record With 50 Cent "If He Was Still Dope"

Once upon a time, Rick Ross and 50 Cent were engaged in one of hip hop’s most prolific rap beefs that lasted for years. When it all began depends on who you ask, but most agree that things began stirring between these two sometime in 2008. The following year, the pair traded disses in a lyrical battle before Fif interviewed the mother of Ross’s child. There were scathing interviews, cruel images and videos circulated on social media, and members of their entourages reportedly got into a scuffle. Ross was also sued by Fifty for sampling “In Da Club,” a case that was tossed out of court by a judge.

It’s been a few years since these two have taken public jabs at each other, and in light of Rozay hoping to end beefs between his friends (a la Lil Wayne and Pusha T), he said he’s not opposed to collaborating with 50 Cent…if Fif was still hot like he was back in the day. “Honestly, I’m a businessman,” Ross told Big Boy’s Neighborhood. “If 50 Cent still had value, I may have been done it, but not being funny. Not on no…he ain’t that dude no more.”

He added, “We was ridin’ through L.A. smokin’ to “Hate It or Love It” yesterday…that sh*t was dope. Salute to Cool & Dre, that’s Miami who did the production. Game, 50 Cent, that was dope. If he was still making music like that, of course. One of my dogs could hit me, Drake could hit me,” Ross continued. “And say Rozay, I got 50 on the record. If he was still dope like he was eight years ago, Rozay’ll lace that ’cause I’m on fire. It don’t matter who on the record.”

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