Richard Simmons Signs With A Licensing Agency To Create New Merch! Is This His Comeback???


Seems like a positive step, right?

The agency announced Wednesday that they had exclusively signed Richard in order to represent him for licensing, merchandising, and endorsements.

The goal is to “create a collection of Richard Simmons-inspired products and build on the fitness icon’s current lineup merchandise.”

Dan Levin, a managing member of Prominent, said:

“Prominent is proud to represent Richard Simmons. And has plans to launch a global line of thoughtful motivation and inspiration-based products that will achieve the tenets Richard has always espousedlove yourself no matter what you weigh, make time to do good for others and laugh a little.”

No word on whether Richard himself will help promote the new merch with appearances, but we can hope!

In recent months, the 68-year-old has had to fight off reports that he’s suffering from an illness, transitioning into a woman, and being held hostage by his housekeeper.

If he does make an eventual appearance, it will help to finally put a lot of those rumors to rest!

But ultimately that’s Richard’s decision to make. We just continue wishing him the best!

[Image via WENN.]

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