Renee Zellweger on playing Bridget Jones: We’re both prone to ‘badly timed disasters’

(CNN)Renee Zellweger sees aspects of herself in the lovingly awkward character of Bridget Jones.

“[We’re both] prone to different sorts of disaster. Badly timed disasters,” Zellweger told CNN at an event this week to celebrate the third film in the Jones franchise “Bridget Jones’s Baby.”


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“[Bridget] is known for her imperfections and trying to maintain composure despite whatever challenges she’s facing,” Zellweger said. “I love her openness. I love her vulnerability. I love how authentic she is.”
Still, Zellweger said she felt a little stressed about returning to the role.
“[I was under] self-imposed pressure because so many people love this character and I don’t want to do a disservice to her and misrepresent it in some way,” she said.
Zellweger’s co-star, Collin Firth, told CNN they’ve talked about making another Bridget Jones movie for a long time, but 15 years after the first film felt right.
“It gave us something specific. It’s not just squeezing out another chapter,” Firth said. “Everyone is older and so is the audience. We’ve all collectively aged.”
Zellweger said she and Firth brushed up on their characters by revisiting “Bridget Jones’s Diary” and “Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason.”
“We went and watched the films and smiled about it seeing that they still had staying power,” she said. “That’s testament to [the writers].”
“Bridget Jones’s Baby” has two potential fathers — Mark (Firth) and Jack (Patrick Dempsey). The cast was kept in the dark about the film’s ending until it was ultimately determined by producers “on the cutting room floor.”
Will audiences be happy with who the father turns out to be?
“I’d rather hope people be divided,” Firth said.
“Bridget Jones’s Baby” hits theaters Friday.

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